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From left to right, Robert Zarco, Robert M. Einhorn, Himanshu M. Patel, Alejandro Brito & Robert F. Salkowski.

Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito, P.A. is recognized as one of the top franchise law firms in the United States.  Indeed, four of the firm’s partners have been on The Best Lawyers of America list for several years – Robert Zarco, Robert Einhorn, Robert Salkowski and Alejandro Brito.  The firm handles all aspects of franchise, licensing and distribution law, as well as complex commercial disputes.  The firm’s reputation is built upon its determined approach to resolving client matters with practical and effective solutions.  “We truly value being problem-solvers for our clients,” says Robert Zarco.  Known for its aggressive litigation style, the firm applies a team approach to all matters, ensuring that the firm’s resources can be devoted to each client.  The firm routinely handles litigation and arbitration matters throughout the United States and abroad.  “We provide our franchise clients with dedicated and skilled representation, no matter where they are located,” commented Robert Einhorn.

Maintaining an ethical approach to their clients’ matters is paramount to the firm’s lawyers.  “Although we are known as tough lawyers, we are equally appreciative of the professional respect that we engender from opposing counsel,” says Robert Salkowski.  In light of the elevated stakes that are typically involved in the firm’s litigation and arbitration matters, the firm counts on perseverance and creative solutions.  These traits have become particularly valuable to the firm’s clients during difficult financial times.  “Clearly, this is an unprecedented and extremely stressful time in many of our clients’ lives and it is our job and obligation to assist them through it,” says Alejandro Brito.  Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito, P.A. – experienced and well regarded business lawyers with practical solutions.