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Zarco Law Secures $ 1.655 Million Dollar Judgment on Behalf of Dental Service Organization

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Blog |

Robert Einhorn and Beshoy Rizk of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. secured a $1.655 million judgment on behalf of their dental service organization client, Tralongo, LLC after a three-year litigation battle. Tralongo was forced to pursue claims against one of its members who unlawfully repudiated its clinic agreements and exited the service organization after Tralongo had assisted the former member in tripling its revenues in less than three years.

Tralongo, a national dental service organization, had provided unique training and ongoing assistance, guidance, and support to help the defendant dentist expand her dental practice in Connecticut by acquiring a second dental practice and tripling her business’s earnings within a few months of joining the dental service organization. Additionally, the dental service organization provided management and support services to the defendant for over two years and assisted the defendant in acquiring a third dental practice a few months before the defendant unilaterally terminated her contracts with Tralongo without any advance notice.

The defendant had relied on the advice of her attorney, Jason Wood, of California, that she could terminate her contracts without consequence and authorized him to write a termination letter for her. The court case shows how erroneous and wrong that advice proved to be. Notably, during the trial, the defendant acknowledged that Mr. Wood’s termination letter was inaccurate and his efforts to prematurely terminate her relationship with Tralongo were misguided.

Following the defendant dentist’s unlawful repudiation of the clinic agreements, Tralongo filed a breach of contract action against the dentist seeking to recover damages resulting from the loss of the management fees and the loss of its option to purchase the dentist’s practices that were provided for in the clinic agreements. After a five-day bench trial in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit in Broward County, Florida, the Court entered judgment in favor of Tralongo and awarded $1.655 million in damages against the dentist and her affiliated companies. The defendant dentist is also responsible for Tralongo’s legal fees and prejudgment interest which have yet to be determined and added to the Judgment but are estimated to exceed $300,000.

Robert M. Einhorn, the lead trial counsel for Tralongo, stated, “our Client was awarded every dollar of damages it sought in this case. We are very pleased with the outcome and the fact that our client was completely vindicated after a lengthy legal battle,”. The significance of the Tralongo’s trial victory is magnified by the fact that Tralongo has filed similar breach of contract lawsuits against several former members who unlawfully terminated their clinic agreements with Tralongo before it could have a chance to reap the benefit of the work it had sown. “Zarco Law’s victory sends a strong message to the other defendants to avoid similar fates in their respective cases,” said Einhorn.

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