Haute Interview with firm founder, Robert Zarco on the impact of the pandemic.

| Jan 27, 2021 | Firm News |

Firm Founder Robert Zarco was interviewed by Haute Lawyer on how the 2020 pandemic impacted professional lives at the firm and how they adapted:

“Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski, and Brito are blessed to have built luxury office space in 2018 that is vastly spacious and physically distanced for the safety and comfort of our staff and clients. It uniquely allows us to work collaboratively while social distancing at a time when our clients are counting on our service more than ever in this challenging environment. We are deeply saddened by the terrible suffering and loss COVID-19 has caused so many people and businesses in such a sudden, dramatic, and unforeseen manner, including many of our clients in the restaurant, hotel, and hospitality business. Founding Partner Robert Zarco stands proud that the firm has been able to provide continuous support for our valued clients, and our team in a way that maintained full employment and full pay throughout the pandemic for all of our personnel in 2020, including adding additional lawyers and staff. We are optimistic that the vaccines being rolled out will moderate the spread of COVID and allow us to return to some normalcy soon in the New Year in our personal and professional lives.”

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