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Protecting Your Rights And Preventing Future Conflicts

Real estate ventures are often high costs and high stakes. Projects often have tight deadlines, and navigating the legal requirements is essential to your success.

Our law firm Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito, P.A.’s representation is focused on avoiding needless construction disputes and litigation. We work to leverage our long-standing experience and track record as successful trial lawyers to resolve our clients’ matters as quickly as possible while keeping our clients on track toward business goals.

From Property Purchases To Post-Construction Disputes

We provide consultation services to real estate owners and developers from preconstruction negotiation of bids through post-construction dispute resolution. Our services include negotiation and litigation and other dispute resolution services in a variety of areas. These real estate transactions include:

  • Government approvals
  • Project finance
  • Project management agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Enforcement of property rights
  • Bankruptcy
  • Labor and employment disputes
  • Insurance claims and disputes, including Business Interruption and Loss of Income

Our attorneys can work with you on your legal concerns at every step of your real estate venture and preventing disputes before they occur. We also understand that such disputes are at times inevitable and are willing to fight for your business’s interests in court if necessary.

Protect Your Ventures With Experienced Legal Representation

Call toll free at 800-299-4929 or locally at 305-374-5418. You can also contact our firm online to arrange for a free consultation on your real estate legal needs.

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“We were so impressed with your knowledge, your presentation and your preparation. You were dealing with 30 very strong and at times antagonistic shareholders, all with different needs and demands, who sometimes would have tested the patience of Job. You never wavered. You were always prepared and you were always able to handle any questions and any problems that arose. Each request was handled graciously and, amazingly enough, accomplished. Thank you again. You’re the greatest!”

Barbara and Jim Cromarty to Robert Zarco, regarding Surf Club Real Estate Development (aka Four Seasons Surf Club), Awarded “Top Dealmakers of the Year” for Real Estate/Land by Daily Business Review 2013 to Robert Zarco and Robert Salkowski, 2013

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