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Hear From Our Clients


“Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski, P.A. is a unicorn: A legal powerhouse which fights with fervor to defend and protect the rights of the voiceless and powerless by leveling the playing field in their fight against the errant mighty and powerful. Everyone from the partners, associates, and paralegals to the assistants are very professional and courteous. Zarco Law stands out with its genuine personal touch; they truly care for their clients and work hard on their behalf. The character of the firm is a testament to the character of Mr. Robert Zarco, the Founding Partner. Colby Conforti stood by our side as a passionate, dedicated, persevering, meticulous and perspicacious attorney who can hold her own and stand toe to toe with any opposing counsel. In short, Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski, P.A is a top notch law firm for all your Business law and Commercial litigation matters.”

Anna and Sri Vangal
Edible Arrangements Franchisee


“Zarco kept a packed-room audience of 220 Hawaii Automobile Dealer Association (HADA) members and guests spellbound for his one-and-a-half-hour remarks on franchise law. ‘He spoke in terms everyone could understand,’ said Sky Stewar, guest of husband Tom Stewart, who works with a HADA associate member firm. ‘He brought 36 pages of law to life,’ and another in the audience – a TV station manager and a HADA associate member… How was he able to hold a big diverse audience like that for nearly two hours? The answer was in his ability to simplify complex legal matters so that people are able to easily understand all of their rights under Hawaii’s laws.”

Review of Robert Zarco’s remarks to the HADA


“My experience with the law firm of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. was extremely positive. I worked primarily with attorneys Robert Einhorn and Michael Braunstein, but I also had interaction with other members of their staff as well. Robert Zarco even reached-out to us to make sure all was going well, and to let us know that we should feel comfortable that all of the resources of the entire firm were at our disposal. They truly cared! The level of professionalism & follow-through from everyone in the firm contributes heavily to their terrific reputation in the legal world. Attorneys Robert Einhorn and Michael Braunstein are outstanding attorneys and are extremely knowledgeable. They helped me to understand all elements of my legal matter, provided guidance from multiple different angles and were able to articulate my critical decision points. Not only did I respect and trust their judgement, but I also felt comfortable during all of my communications with them. They truly dedicated themselves and their resources to my needs, and made sure I was fully informed along the way. In my opinion, they are no doubt, one of the top firms in their field nationally. I would definitely refer others to this firm.”

John Zelenika, President of Capstone Franchise Advisors


“This is the best law firm that a Franchise owner can hire for a difficult problem. Robert Zarco is a businessman and engages his clients as business owners, on their level. He understands the particular needs of a Franchise business and then applies a unique expertise that is the best you can possibly get for this highly specialized area of the law. His team is totally professional on every level and if your case has any prospect of success, Zarco and Company will attain it for their clients. I also recommend this firm because I believe they are positive and very decent people who actually care about their clients and empathize with the stress and anxiety that litigation brings. Finally, I would only call this team if your problem is severe and your situation is complex. They are the industry’s best in the Franchise area.”

Ralph Flannery
Testimonial collected from research process by U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms”


“Exceptional law firm with business intelligence not found at other firms….I highly recommend this firm to anyone in the franchise world. They are a world class law firm!”

Rene Prats
Prats Enterprises, Inc
Testimonial collected from research process by U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms “


“Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. took over a difficult case on contingency when we could no longer afford the hourly rates of the previous law firm. Our experience with Zarco Einhorn Salkowski exceeded all of our expectations. They were passionate, involved, and made us feel protected. They also won a large judgment for us. Even the judge noted that the outcome would probably have been different with the original lawyer.”

Testimonial collected from research process by U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms”


“As a minority shareholder of a small Franchise Start-up, I found myself in a David vs Goliath legal battle. The first law firm that I went with ran up fees and charged me nearly $75K before any real court battle commenced. So I fired them and hired Zarco Law. From day 1 they went to bat for me, going over and above the call of duty, winning every court battle, and turning the tide of the case in my favor forcing the other side to wave the white flag of surrender. In the end, I got what I believe is the best settlement possible and helping the little guy beat the giant. If you are considering a firm to represent you in the Franchising arena and feel outmanned, look no further.”

Eric Mayers, Small Franchise Start-Up


“I would like to thank you for the amazing work and effort provided by the team at trial in this case. Fighting ‘side by side’ with you felt like we went far beyond just an attorney-client relationship… As for Mr. Zarco, you have a way with witnesses that cannot be matched by any attorney, in my opinion… We battled an international conglomerate, with far more resources, yet I never felt ‘out-manned’ by them for one moment… Robert, you are a true champion, and I’m glad you are on my team!”

Henry Leace, President, HNC Stores Corp


“Most of us know how hard Robert Zarco worked to bring this deal to fruition. We are all grateful and feel so fortunate to have been represented by him. He is honest, forthright, brilliant, caring and he is passionate about his work. His integrity is beyond reproach. I find one of his most admirable traits is his patience and tolerance of others even when being attacked. Don and I thank him most sincerely for guiding us to a very successful contract. He is in Don’s personal Hall of Fame.”

Mary Anne and Coach Don Shula, regarding the Surf Club Real Estate Development (aka Four Seasons Surf Club), Awarded “Top Dealmakers of the Year” for Real Estate/Land by Daily Business Review 2013 to Robert Zarco and Robert Salkowski


“We were so impressed with your knowledge, your presentation and your preparation. You were dealing with 30 very strong and at times antagonistic shareholders, all with different needs and demands, who sometimes would have tested the patience of Job. You never wavered. You were always prepared and you were always able to handle any questions and any problems that arose. Each request was handled graciously and, amazingly enough, accomplished. Thank you again. You’re the greatest!”

Barbara and Jim Cromarty to Robert Zarco, regarding Surf Club Real Estate Development (aka Four Seasons Surf Club), Awarded “Top Dealmakers of the Year” for Real Estate/Land by Daily Business Review 2013 to Robert Zarco and Robert Salkowski


“Mr. Zarco’s direct examinations and cross examinations of witnesses were incisive and to the point… What we could not anticipate was the passion and dedication with which they (the Zarco team) undertook the case, as if it was their very own livelihood that was on the line… The Zarco team took this on a contingency basis, got the case reinstated, and put time and effort into it as if we were high-paying clients. They put their lives on hold for more than a month in California, away from their friends and families. It was more than we could ever have hoped for.”

Janice P. Handlers Bryman & Michael D. Bryman, El Pollo Loco Franchisee


“Hi Bob, I just wanted to follow up and thank you for all of your help, guidance and expertise. I know I got frustrated at one point, but I do see the bigger picture now, and know that I would not be where I am right now without you. I want you to know both Pam and I really appreciate it. We were fortunate to have you as our lawyer, as intelligent and experienced you are, and appreciate the financial structure that allowed us to even fight at all in a lawsuit. As well, we were very happy that Himanshu worked with us. We appreciated the amount of work he put in, his thoroughness, and time he took to explain each step to us. He advised us well, and we feel fortunate to have had him as our lawyer for this.

We will recommend you and your firm to anyone. Thank you, again!!”



“When we were within hours of losing our dream, our livelihood and our business, you stepped in and changed everything. We would like to convey the gratitude we feel, to have had such a professional and prepared team.”

Maryam & Carlos Miranda, Seaspice Brasserie and Lounge


“The quality of legal support and litigation from the attorneys at Zarco Einhorn Salkowski is exceptional. As a General Counsel, I rely on their collective support for general drafting support (Kaari Gagnon), risk management (Bob Einhorn), and litigation support (Michael Braunstein). The professionalism, responsiveness, and depth of legal support is unmatched.”

Eric Masson, Attorney for Dental Fix


“We know that we are far from your biggest client, but we always felt, and were treated as if, we were your most important… The opposition rapidly sees a genuine commitment on your part… This is your power, I have witness it, and w are the beneficiary of your promise to fight for us.”

Ralph M. Flannery and Family, Fuddruckers Franchisee


“This is an amazing law firm! Hands down Best Litigation Team! When nothing but the best will do, this boutique firm will hand you the keys to the court and make you feel like family the moment you step in the door.

I was very privileged to have Robert Zarco, Robert Einhorn, & the very special Colby Conforti on my difficult & complex business dispute case. They worked tirelessly and passionately through many challenges. Masters at their profession, they are a powerhouse that steam rolls the opposing counsel with their knowledge and strategy or speaks to the heart of the judge. Not only excellent lawyers but exceptional people, my opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. Hopefully, to a life long relationship-friendship, whether inside or out of court. Thank you Robert, Bob, & Colby, love you all, you got it done even through the pandemic! I recommend Zarco Law 150%!!”

Lipsy Delgado Maza


“Many years ago as a Burger King franchisee from Massachusetts, I filed suit against BK.  I was referred to a law firm in Miami.  Truth be told, I didn’t like that firm but was very intrigued with one of their young associates. That lawyer was Robert Zarco, and he was about to venture on his own.  In one of the best moves of my life, I became Robert Zarco’s 1st client in his then new law practice over 30 years ago.  His absolute passion, drive and knowledge was a marvel to watch in what became a national precedent-setting legal case in franchise law.  Watching him single-handing in court (back then) versus a large team of Burger King attorneys was awesome and jaw-dropping.  There is no one I would recommend more than Zarco and his experienced team as commercial trial lawyers in business litigation and franchise law.”

Steve Scheck, former Burger King Franchisee


“On behalf of the National Franchisee Association for Jack in the Box and the nearly 1,800 restaurants we represent, I want to personally thank you for your advocacy, legal representation and nearly perfect resolution to our matter. In our minds, our case was unique in that we wanted peace and transparency with our franchisor and an engaging advisory council. We simply wanted our franchisor to understand and appreciate the benefits a happy healthy franchise community bring to a brand. Although it seems logical that any franchisor would understand this, it took engaging you guys to get their attention. Your reputation, influence and counsel were critical in affecting management and cultural change at Jack in the Box. We are excited about our future with the new leadership team.”

F. Michael Norwich, Jr.


“While representing my business in a contract dispute, Michael Braunstein quickly mastered the history and intricacies of the dispute. As we are venturing through the litigation process, Michael’s preparation is impressive. His knowledge and real-time recall of the details has been masterful, especially when dealing with the opposition. While the outcome is yet to be determined, Michael has provided excellent legal guidance that has proved to be reassuring. With nearly forty years in business I have not engaged an attorney with better professional and legal skills.”

Rick Louis, CEO of Island Lifestyle Importers

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