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Protecting Your Rights And Preventing Future Conflicts

Commercial real estate ventures involve substantial time and financial investments. At Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., our representation is focused on initially avoiding needless construction disputes and litigation on large high-rise projects. Our attorneys work to leverage their long-standing experience and track record as successful trial lawyers to resolve our commercial clients’ legal matters as quickly as possible while also protecting their business goals.

We provide legal services to commercial real estate owners and developers on post-construction dispute resolution. Our services include negotiation and litigation and other dispute resolution services in a variety of areas. These real estate disputes include:

Our attorneys can work with you at every step of a commercial real estate dispute once it arises. They understand that such disputes are sometimes avoidable, but they are also well known for representing businesses’ interests in court if necessary.

Navigating Disputes Within Joint Venture Agreements

A joint venture agreement can be an excellent arrangement for commercial real estate professionals. Many commercial properties are owned by more than one person or company. However, disputes can arise when the parties involved don’t see eye to eye or aren’t holding up their end of the deal. These disputes can be time-consuming and costly, significantly delaying projects or terminating them altogether.

If you’re facing a dispute with your joint venture partner, our team at Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., is here to help you protect your interests and find a solution so that you can get your project back on track or resume effective operation.

Resolving Conflicts Between Commercial Property Owners And Developers

Commercial real estate transactions are massive undertakings with many moving parts, often representing significant financial investments and the potential for considerable legal liability. Litigation is almost always necessary when things go awry during or after a transaction.

Whether you are a property owner or developer, our experienced commercial real estate attorneys can help you assert your position and create a powerful legal argument to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.

Seeking Justice For High-Rise Construction Defects

Constructing high-rise buildings is a delicate process and a feat of engineering. Flaws in construction could be disastrous in terms of safety and the legal and financial interests of the parties involved.

Construction defects that commonly happen in high-rise buildings include: 

  • Engineering flaws
  • Incorrect material choice
  • Elevator issues
  • Improper wind load consideration
  • Averse soil interactions

Those familiar with the Miami area likely remember the partial collapse of a condominium in June of 2021 that was caused by several construction defects. The incident claimed the lives of 98 people.

To keep our community safe, avoid catastrophic losses and maintain good legal standing, our attorneys are dedicated to helping property owners hold negligent developers responsible for dangerous defects.

Protect Your Ventures With Experienced Legal Representation

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We help business owners level the playing field against larger adversaries, providing an affordable key to the courthouse when necessary.
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What type of issues give rise to commercial real estate disputes & litigation?

Commercial real estate disputes commonly arise during bullish real estate markets characterized by high development activities, numerous real estate funds, and partnerships. These scenarios involve arrangements between developers and investors, as well as relationships among joint developers collaborating on projects. Disputes encompass various issues such as breaches of contract, lack of good faith, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and instances of fraud where parties are induced into relationships without a genuine intent to perform. The complexity of these disputes becomes more apparent during the transition from a bullish to a bearish real estate market, leading to project losses and blame-shifting among involved parties.

Handling such disputes is a common occurrence, particularly when real estate projects face financial challenges. This includes addressing issues related to construction disputes, involving subpar construction work, negligent contractors, and underperforming subcontractors. These aspects, including real estate and construction disputes, are areas where the firm is actively involved, managing cases that arise during different market conditions.

Can you tell us about a remarkable commercial real estate dispute case you handled?

In a significant transaction, our firm played a crucial role in the development, purchase, and sale of what is currently known as Four Seasons Surf Club in Bal Harbor, Florida. Representing all 120+ proprietors, our law firm engaged in negotiations with a highly experienced developer known for their fine work and ethical principles. Despite the complexity of the transaction, the collaboration between both sides, fueled by creativity, aimed to achieve the best return for the ownership group and establish a favorable future relationship between the selling ownership group and the new developer, ultimately making the deal intricate but highly rewarding for all parties involved.