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Effective Counsel For C-Level Executives

Employment disputes at the chief executives level are exceedingly complex and high-stakes matters. In the insular and well-connected world of C-level positions, you stand to lose not only your job but also your future career if you receive the short end of the stick in a dispute, agreement or negotiation.

For experienced and sophisticated representation that upholds your rights, work with our attorneys at Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. With a reputation for competency in high-stakes employment law, we have helped C-level employees uphold their best interests in employment matters. Our accomplished attorneys handle a variety of employment law issues affecting C-level employees, including:

  • Compensation disputes
  • Executive contracts
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Severance agreements
  • Stock options and incentives
  • Litigating, arbitrating and mediating C-level employment disputes

We represent the business employer (including franchisees) and/or C-level executives in civil litigation disputes on matters including but not limited to:

It is critical to have experienced representation in these matters. Your employer certainly will. We have had extensive success in complex employment disputes and negotiations involving high-level executives. Reach out to us to discuss your situation and take the first steps toward protecting your position.

Wisely Using Litigation As Needed

We assist clients primarily in resolving problems privately through arbitration, mediation or negotiation. Often, these methods help both parties attain satisfactory arrangements without the expense of litigation. But in our widely renowned litigation firm, our attorneys are trial-tested with many favorable verdicts under our belts. Because we prepare all cases with an eye toward a trial, the opposing party often feels more motivated to grant the results we desire. Whether using alternative dispute resolution or litigation, our team always keeps an eye toward success and cost-efficiency.

Ask About Using Our Counsel To Resolve Disputes

Most of the time, your case is only as good as your lawyer. Our firm helps level the playing field in business negotiations and disputes, and provide an affordable key to the courthouse when necessary.

When you need legal services from a law firm that has a proven record of successes in C-level employment law, we are here. Contact our office to schedule an initial consultation with one of our team members. To contact Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., call 888-580-7844 or send us an email.


What types of cases do you handle in Labor & Employment disputes and litigation?

We are involved in joint employer issues, where a franchisee and franchisor face accusations of being joint employers due to claims filed by employees. Our involvement extends to non-competes related to employment, Fair Labor Standard Act violations, Family Leave Act litigation, and wage and hour overtime issues.