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Your business deserves legal solutions that can address the evolving requirements your business faces. Whether your business is looking to build a strong foundation for future endeavors, innovate new technology or expand your footprint, it is important to work with a firm that can help you navigate all of the ever-changing laws and regulations that your business faces.

At Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., our business and corporate law practice is detail- and solutions-oriented, and employs a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach. Although well-known for our high-level trial skills, we complement this practice with other practice areas to meet clients’ wide-ranging business needs, allowing us to provide them with legal guidance about real estate, employment law, commercial litigation, dispute resolution and intellectual property. We serve clients located in Miami and throughout the United States.

Counseling Corporations On Common Legal Concerns

Although our attorneys are nationally recognized for their ability to successfully resolve the most complicated business disputes, before a trial is required, our business and corporate law practice offers experienced legal guidance on both legal and business concerns that businesses routinely encounter such as employment law issues, best practices, ethical and legal obligations of businesses, and contract negotiations. Our attorneys provide outside general counsel functions to our clients; provide guidance on day-to-day business decisions, and implementing policies and procedures; and advise clients on the applicability of various laws, rules or regulations.

Our Business Law Service Areas

We provide clients with a wide array of comprehensive business and corporate counseling services for startups and well-established businesses. These services include:

Our legal team has decades of experience, and our dedicated staff provides an accessible and competent legal service to businesses of all sizes, utilizing highly competitive creative legal fee arrangements.

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When your business needs a skilled and well-respected source for legal counsel, contact our firm online or call 305-703-5058 or 888-580-7844.

We help businesses level the playing field against larger adversaries in legal and business negotiations and disputes, and provide an affordable key to the courthouse when necessary.


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Should we sell our business to a Private Equity Fund?

Franchisees typically do not have many opportunities to sell their individual businesses to private equity groups. Private equity groups generally seek larger investments with substantial net income, enabling them to apply a reasonable valuation multiple and determine an appropriate price. While large multi-unit franchises may attract the interest of private equity, these groups are more commonly involved in purchasing the franchisor’s interest—the company that owns the brand.

Private equity introduces a unique element into the franchise relationship, with potential positive or negative impacts. The outcome depends on the true intentions of the private equity group, which primarily operates in the financial domain rather than the specific industry it invests in. Decisions made by private equity may prioritize financial returns over the best interests of franchisees or the business concept. This conflict can introduce uncertainty, complexity, and risks into the franchisor-franchisee relationship.

What type of business law services do you provide?

Both inside and outside the franchise practice, our law firm concentrates on numerous contracts and transactional documents for the benefit of our franchisee clients and others not involved in the franchise space. In the franchise arena, we handle various documents, including franchise disclosure documents (FDD), franchise agreements, purchase and sale contracts, operating agreements, licensing agreements, and exclusive distributorship agreements. Additionally, we are experienced in the purchase and sale of auto dealerships, marina dealerships, heavy equipment dealerships, and other commercial transactions. With expertise in finance, accounting, and economics, we seamlessly navigate complex transactions such as buying and selling hotels, real estate, and engaging in intricate lease agreements. From preparing operating agreements for partnerships to undertaking partnership agreements, we cover the entire spectrum. Our firm’s love for business transactions, coupled with our proficiency in litigation, ensures a comprehensive and enduring relationship with our clients.