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Attorney Robert Zarco and Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. continue to be the “Heavy Hitters” acting as ‘Great Equalizers’ for Franchisees

Recently hired as General Counsel to represent the North American Association of Subway Franchisees (NAASF), Robert Zarco was quoted: “The mandatory discounting and the remodels are going to drastically cut into what’s left of their profits to the point that they will not be able to stay in business.”

The group of over 2500 NAASF Subway franchisees have great concern that the franchisor is implementing mandatory store upgrades and discounted food promotions that are causing “systemic issues” with the profitability of stores for Subway franchisees.

Zarco and his team of experienced Commercial Litigation Trial Attorneys have over 3 decades helping balance the power between franchisees and franchisors, like David vs. Goliath, by advocating nationally in the area of Franchise Law and leveling the playing field. To date, clients from over 500 franchise systems in about 40 states and 20 countries include franchisees and Franchisee Associations from McDonald’s, Bojangles, Burger King, Jack in the Box, 7-11, Sotheby’s, Re-Max, Harley Davidson, Marriott, Wyndham, IHG Hotels & Resorts, service industries, and so many more.

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Frustrated Subway Franchisees hire leagal heavy hitter to press their case

The North American Association of SUBWAY Franchisees (NAASF) hires Robert Zarco and Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. as General Counsel

Zarco and the firm added Subway to its growing list of past and present prominent large groups of Franchisee Associations as clients such as the National Owners Association of many McDonald’s franchisees, Bojangles of America Franchisee Association, SFFA franchisee association of The Little Gym, Jack in the Box National Franchisee Association, Massage Envy Owners Association, Taco Time Franchise Association, and Edible Arrangements Franchisee Association, just to name a few.

“NAASF and the Zarco Einhorn Salkowski firm recognize that sustained profitability arises primarily from franchisees acting in a unified manner and working in close collaboration with the franchisor to resolve systemic issues without having to initially institute dispute resolution measures,” according to a joint press release of the NAASF of Subway and Robert Zarco. Zarco added, “We recognize the tremendous value NAASF provides to its membership and we are eager to aid NAASF in its admirable mission of supporting its talented membership in creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the franchisor.”

Photo of Restaurant Business - Subway's Franchisee Association Signals a More Aggressive Stance

Reposting from the United Nations International Organization for Migration in honor of Partner Mary Nikezic’s interview in the news

“Interview with Ms. Mary Nikezić – Honoring Women Change-makers among the Montenegrin Diaspora

We’re thrilled to spotlight the incredible journey and advocacy of Ms. Mary Nikezić. From her early days championing social justice causes to her distinguished career as a successful attorney, her story is a testament to resilience, passion, and the unwavering belief in the power of gender equality.

Through her experiences navigating business and legal profession, Mary has witnessed firsthand the unique challenges faced by women, particularly migrant women, in achieving equality and safety.

Today, we honor her dedication to empowering women, mentoring young female lawyers, and advocating for policy reforms that create more inclusive environments for all.”

Read Mary’s empowering story

Photo of Mary Nikezić | IOM- UN MIGRATION

Franchisees sue Bojangles over marketing

The Bojangles of America Franchisee Association (BFA) is represented in a lawsuit by Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. over the franchisor’s administration of its Marketing Fund. “The sudden lack of transparency raised significant concerns regarding whether the marketing fund and the accrual account are being properly administered … or are being used as a mere ‘slush fund for the benefit of” Bojangles, the lawsuit says. Read more…

Robert Zarco’s inspiring life and his impactful role in shaping the franchise landscape in Zativa Life Magazine

Robert Zarco takes the spotlight on the cover page of the 2nd Issue of ‘Zativa Life’ Magazine, the ultimate guide to health and wellness! Dive into his extraordinary journey from humble beginnings as a Cuban immigrant at age 2 to creating a successful landscape business at age 7, and eventually becoming a national force in shaping franchise laws.

Teaming up with Zativa Life’s visionary Founder and CEO, Arturo Rodriguez, Zarco and his esteemed law firm, Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. (with over 30 years of franchise law and commercial litigation expertise), have been pivotal in guiding the Zativa Life franchise.They’re committed to fostering healthy relationships crucial for mutual success between franchisors and franchisees.

Robert Zarco's inspiring life and his impactful role in shaping the franchise landscape in Zativa Life Magazine
Robert Zarco's inspiring life and his impactful role in shaping the franchise landscape in Zativa Life Magazine
Robert Zarco's inspiring life and his impactful role in shaping the franchise landscape in Zativa Life Magazine
Robert Zarco's inspiring life and his impactful role in shaping the franchise landscape in Zativa Life Magazine
Robert Zarco's inspiring life and his impactful role in shaping the franchise landscape in Zativa Life Magazine

Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. Files Arbitration Claims for 35 Little Gym Franchisees with over 50 Locations…More are Likely to Come!

Over 50 Little Gym franchise locations have filed legal action against their franchisor and its private equity parent, Unleashed Brands, claiming that the company is imposing “damaging changes on the franchise businesses in violation of existing franchise agreements,” as reported in an article by Franchise Times.

Robert M. Einhorn, Partner at Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. is lead counsel for The Little Gym franchisee group.

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35 Little Gym Franchisees File Arbitration Claims

California Legislature Increases Fast-Food Chains’ Labor Rates Without Proper Input From Franchisees

Truly independent franchisee representation was not specifically included in negotiations pertaining to the new regulations approved by the California Legislature that includes raising minimum wages for fast-food chain restaurant workers to $20/hr in 2024 and up to $29/hr in 2029.

The closed room discussions that led to compromises between a select group of franchisors, Service Employees International (Labor) Union, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and the International Franchise Association (IFA) will have a major financial impact on the profitability of restaurants combined with the higher price consumers will pay for menu-products due to the expected increase in labor costs.

According to the Article by Jonathan Maze, the National Owners Association (NOA – comprised of over 1,000 McDonald’s Franchisees) says this new legislation “will result in a devastating financial blow to California McDonald’s franchisees,” estimated at approximately $250,000 in lost cashflow per store according to the NOA. The NOA is particularly concerned that the success of this legislation in California will lead to the proposal of similar measures in other states.

Franchisee Attorney Robert Zarco is quoted in the article saying, “This is a collective bargaining agreement where the required main employer (franchisee) is not present.” Furthermore, the negotiators and other franchisors are, in this regard, potentially acting like a “joint employer” by effectively negotiating and controlling the wage increase amounts for franchisees who ultimately bear those higher costs as independent contractors, but were denied a seat at the table.

The irony is that all fast-food franchisors will benefit from these higher prices since they are paid royalties and marketing fees (as well as rent in the case of McDonald’s) as a percentage of gross sales/revenues, irrespective of the reduced bottom-line profits to franchisees, says Zarco.

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California Legislature Increases Fast-Food Chains’ Labor Rates Without Proper Input From Franchisees

Franchisees of a popular fast-casual BBQ restaurant, Dickey’s, are facing challenges due to soaring costs and strict price restrictions being imposed by the Franchisor

Franchise Litigation Attorney Robert Zarco, hired by several franchisees, argue that “the business model is failing, putting franchisees in a financial environment that made it economically unviable” to remain in business due to price controls and other franchisor mandates undermining franchisees’ independence.

Some franchisees are in distress as the barbecue chain allegedly put certain operators’ store(s) for sale on the market without their knowledge! Typically, franchisees decide whether to sell a restaurant and set the asking price, but in this case, the franchisor listed an independent franchisee’s business for sale at an unreasonably low price without proper consultation or authorization. Franchisees, who are independent contractors, have the authority to decide if they want to sell their business and determine its selling price, given that they are owners of their businesses.

“Never in my 38-year legal career, representing franchisees (from over 500 different brands), have I ever heard or witnessed such unlawful and brazen conduct as the listing for sale of an independent franchisee’s business and at an unjustifiably low price established by the franchisor, without first consulting or receiving written authorization and permission from that franchisee,” said Robert Zarco.

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Dickey's put a restaurant up for sale | its franchisee was suprised

After Clashing Over Marketing for Eons, Here’s How CMO’s and Franchisees Can Finally Get Aligned

“It won’t be easy, but experts have a few ideas on where to start.”

Renowned Franchise Litigation Attorney, Robert Zarco, dives deep into the clash of interests between Franchisors’ pursuit of Gross Revenues and Franchisees’ focus on Net Income.

ADWEEK, a go-to magazine for marketing pros, turns the spotlight on the tug-of-war between Franchisors’ Chief Marketing Officers’ strategies for growth and the real challenges faced by Franchisees in executing these directives, especially at a profit. In the throes of this post-COVID economy, this stands as a prime example of #Franchise Relationships under strain.

Experts weigh in on untangling this web with recommendations with hope for a smoother path ahead. Robert Zarco, the sole practicing Franchisee Attorney mentioned in the article’s spotlight, hits the nail on the head: “the franchisee is undertaking greater expense in delivering that promotional product to the consumer than the profit that that transaction would bring to the franchisee.” Zarco continues,
“Not only is headquarters not going to feel any pain—headquarters is going to feel a profit!”

Read more at the link below for insightful solutions from the frontlines of Franchise dynamics!

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After Clashing Over Marketing for Eons, Here’s How CMO’s and Franchisees Can Finally Get Aligned

Landmark Victory: $5.2M Awarded in Noncompete Lawsuit as Zarco, Einhorn, and Nikezic Lead the Way

In a remarkable triumph for justice, Therapies 4 Kids (T4K) has emerged victorious with a decisive $5.2 million judgment in a groundbreaking noncompete lawsuit, spearheaded by commercial litigation veterans Robert Einhorn, Mary Nikezic, and Robert Zarco of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. This pivotal victory underscores the flagrant misconduct of the defendants, signaling a resounding win for T4K.

In a resolute judgement, a Florida State Court ruled in favor of T4K, a valued client of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., highlighting the egregious transgressions committed by the defendants. The court’s decision not only holds the defendants accountable for their deliberate defiance of noncompete and nondisclosure agreements but also exposes their fraudulent activities.

These unethical practices encompassed diverting patients, exploiting confidential information, and illicitly diverting insurance reimbursements to fuel their own competing venture. This duplicity unfolded even as they occupied well-compensated executive roles within the very company they were undermining.

Let this triumphant decision stand as a testament to the unswerving dedication to justice exhibited by the distinguished Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. Law Firm.

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Daily Business Review - Broward Judge Has Never Seen Anything Like This: Awards $5.2M

Legal Champions Secure $5.2M Victory in Landmark Noncompete Lawsuit: Partners Robert Einhorn, Mary Nikezic, and Robert Zarco Lead the Charge in Victory for Therapies 4 Kids

Celebrating a significant victory for justice! Therapies 4 Kids (T4K), a valued client of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., won a substantial trial victory in a Florida State Court. The court awarded an impressive $5.2 million in damages, underscoring the “egregious” wrongful conduct by the defendants in a noncompete lawsuit.

The court found that the defendants, former employees of T4K, deliberately flouted noncompete and nondisclosure agreements and committed fraud. Their unethical actions included siphoning patients, sensitive data, and stealing insurance reimbursements to fuel their own rival enterprise, all the while they remained employed as well-compensated executives in the company.

Robert Einhorn aptly summed it up: “This case epitomizes a stunning betrayal by these defendants, who unabashedly pocketed substantial salaries while callously pilfering from T4K for years.”

Let this decision stand as another testament to the unwavering commitment to justice by the Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. Firm!

Read the full article

Fla. Clinic Awarded $5.2M In 'Egregious' Noncompete Suit - Law360

Firm Client Jersey Mike’s Sandwich Chain Claims it is the Target of Frivolous Lawsuits to Extract Quick Settlements

Firm Partner Robert Einhorn is Co-Counsel for Jersey Mike’s and quoted in an article titled “Jersey Mike’s Sues Arbitrator, Says It’s Facing Litigation” on New Jersey Law Journal by Charles Toutant.

The suit seeks to prevent Defendants from pursuing frivolous cases in CA relating to their alleged use of Jersey Mike’s website and to prevent the American Arbitration Association from administering such cases which are not properly subject to arbitration.

Jersey Mike’s asserts that the Defendants bringing the frivolous arbitration claims have “a long history of filing frivolous cases” that strategically demand settlement amounts for less than the large company’s legal cost to defend and litigate.

Attorney Robert Einhorn is quoted: “At some point, someone needs to stand up to these guys. Jersey Mike’s is a principled company, and they decided to stand up to these lawsuits”.

Read the full article

Franchise Attorneys weigh in on FTC inquiry as wait for action begins | Franchise times

Robert Zarco and other Franchise Attorneys Weigh In as the FTC Closes its Comment Period about Franchise Agreements and Franchisor Business Practices

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was seemingly very interested in hearing “how franchisors exert control over franchisees and their workers” and “how franchisors disclose certain aspects and contractual terms of the franchise relationship.” There are varying opinions from the franchise attorneys on what the FTC will ultimately do with these comments…and when.

“Not all are convinced the FTC will use the comments to take action, though. Robert Zarco, an attorney at Zarco Einhorn Salkowski with 36 years of experience in franchisee representation, is doubtful rule-making will happen anytime soon.”

“There’s not going to be any rule or law that is changed as a result of this,” Zarco said. “That takes a long time to do, and I don’t think it will be done before the end of this presidential term. A big concern is a franchisor imposing a substantial number of new initiatives and requirements that are costing the franchisees more money that was being disclosed in the FDD,” Zarco said. “These initiatives and fees that are being imposed are typically at such levels that they are commercially unreasonable. Meaning a franchisee isn’t going to be able to obtain a reasonable return on investment from that financial contribution.”

Read the full article

Franchise Attorneys weigh in on FTC inquiry as wait for action begins | Franchise times

California Bill Would Make Fast Food Corporations Liable for Labor Violations

“Robert Zarco, a Florida-based franchise lawyer, said he opposes the bill (AB1228) to make the corporate owners liable, but does not believe it would end the franchise business model if it passes. It would “make no business sense” for the global brands to buy back their franchised stores, he said. Over the past seven years, private equity companies have increasingly invested in fast-food chains, according to Zarco. “Those private equity funds are coming in in order to continue to promote the franchising business model because there’s a lot of money coming in,” he said. Buying stores back “would cost a fortune and shrink growth.”

Read the full article

Crains Chicago Business published an article further discussing the tensions between McDonald’s and many of its franchisees

“The NOA (an independent franchisee group made up of about half of McD’s 2,000 franchisees) has given some franchisees the courage to push back on McDonald’s in ways they haven’t before, said Robert Zarco, a franchise lawyer the group hired as counsel earlier this year.”

“In the past, they were very concerned about retaliation, intimidation and threats,” said Zarco, speaking on behalf of NOA. “Now, because there is strength in unity, they feel more protected by each other.”

Read the full article: McDonald’s franchisees’ unprecedented push for more power

McDonald's franchisees' unprecedented push for more power

Attorney Robert Zarco on the front page of The New York Times Business Advocating for Franchisees

Robert Zarco is again leading the way for franchisees, including his client the NOA comprised of over 1,000 McDonald’s franchisees, in matters that affect owner/operators’ ability to operate as independent contractors as set forth in the franchise relationship. The current economic climate has accelerated the challenges facing franchisees who are being requested to operate under highly imposing controls from franchisors who are increasingly focused on maximizing investor returns at the expense of individual franchisee profitability.

The Federal Trade Commission is stepping in now to scrutinize the current practices involving the franchisor/franchisee relationship, and has requested comments from the franchisee community as to experiences they are having with their franchisor.

Read the full article: Franchisers, Facing Challenges to Business Model, Punch Back

The New York Times_News_image

Robert Zarco is quoted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal

Robert Zarco is quoted on the front page of The Wall Street Journal Business & Finance section in his capacity as Attorney for the NOA, an association of over 1,000 McDonald’s franchisees. Recognized nationally as the pre-eminent leader in advocating for fair franchising laws, Zarco and his firm, Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., once again stands at the forefront of franchisees’ attempt to level the playing field in the franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Read Article: WSJ – McDonald’s Franchisees Push Back

Robert Zarco is quoted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal

National Owners Association (NOA), who represents more than 1,000 of burger giant McDonald’s franchisees, hires high-powered attorney, Robert Zarco

Publication: Restaurant Business

The current economic climate has generally set the stage for major struggles in the relationship between franchisors and franchisees. According to Restaurant Business Online’s Jonathan Maze, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is requesting feedback on franchisor business practices and the control they exert over franchisees and their employees, potentially setting the stage for changes in franchise regulations.

Founding Partner Robert Zarco and his team of attorneys have been advocating for decades to level the playing field for franchisees in contracts and litigation. Post COVID, with inflationary pressures, supply chain shortages, and increasing labor rates, the business disputes between the two sides have dramatically increased. Furthermore, the entry of Private Equity and M&A into the franchise space has dramatically added to the changes and dissatisfaction that is giving rise to threats of litigation among many franchise systems.

Read the full article – McDonald’s franchisees may take their complaints to the FTC

Attorneys Einhorn and Phang Represent Group of Franchisees from Amazing Lash Studio

Attorneys Robert Einhorn and Brenda Phang represent a group of Amazing Lash Studio franchisee clients with respect to various grievances the franchisees have against their Franchisor relating to supply chain price gouging and the lack of marketing and support. The Franchisor, Amazing Lash Studio is a division of WellBiz Brands owned by KSL Capital Partners.

Franchise Times provides further details in the attached article written by Beth Ewen.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposes to limit the use of Non-Compete Agreements

Publication: Haute Lawyer

Attorney Robert Zarco weighs in on why and how it affects employers and employees, as well as franchisors and franchisees. The FTC is attempting to bring more balance to these relationships and promote competition which is ultimately good for consumers. Click Here To Read  Robert Zarco Explains the Non-Compete Law and the Proposal by the FTC to Limit its Use

Robert Zarco Gives Back and Hosts Embrace Girls Foundation Members for Lunch

Inspiring Article and Video in Haute Living Magazine about Giving Back when Robert Zarco hosted The Embrace Girls Foundation, Inc. for lunch at his home.

Learn more about the power of investing in our future youth to inspire great leaders at

The Case That Launched Commercial Trial Lawyer Robert Zarco As The Legal Franchise King, Setting Legal Precedent Under The Implied Covenant Of Good Faith And Fair Dealing And Leveling The Playing Field Between Franchisees And Franchisors

Publication: The Miami Review

Fast forward 30+ years and Attorney Robert Zarco and the law firm he founded has represented franchisees from over 500 franchise systems in 44 states and 23 countries in franchise litigation leveling the balance of power and advancing the practice area of franchise law nationwide and internationally. Zarco and his team at Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. continue to lead and defend the rights of franchisees, franchisee associations, multi-unit franchisees and more.

‘Burger King Faces Franchise Fight’

Dispute over newer outlet could change industry practices
By Robert Kuntz, Miami Review, Tuesday, December 1, 1992, Vol.67 No.122

Miami Review, The Daily Newspaper Of Business, Real Estate And Law, Vol. 67, No. 122, Tuesday, December 1, 1992

The owner of a Burger King franchise, who already is suing the Dade-based chain for allowing another restaurant to be built near his, now claims that corporate managers knew all along that he would be ruined, but lied about their intentions.

Steven A. Scheck, the owner of a Lee, Mass., Burger King, is asking a Miami judge to allow him to add allegations of fraud to his suit.  If Scheck is successful at trial, franchise holders of all kinds may have new leverage to challenge the actions of their franchisors.

This case—viewed as a landmark-in-the-making—was brought by Scheck in 1989.  He claims Burger King ruined his business by allowing another outlet to open two miles away.

The new restaurant—built on the leg of the Massachusetts Turnpike that had brought Scheck many of his customers—cost Scheck $300,000 a year in sales, says his Miami lawyer, Robert Zarco.

Scheck originally alleged only breach of contract and breach of an implied covenant of good faith, saying Burger King wronged him by opening the second restaurant knowing it would “cannibalize” his business.

In the past, such suits involving the proximity of fast-food outlet typically have been dismissed short of trial.  Franchise contracts used by Burger King and other fast-food companies make it clear that franchisees have no exclusive right to a territory.  That clause has been interpreted by most judges to mean the franchisors could build or authorize construction of new restaurants as and where they pleased.

But in July, U.S. District Judge William M. Hoeveler denied Burger King’s request to throw out Scheck’s suit.  Although he dismissed Scheck’s allegation of a breach of an implied noncompete covenant, Hoeveler let stand the claim that Burger King breached an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.  He took the unusual stance that a jury should be allowed to decide the case.

“This court will not blindly adopt the reasoning or analysis adopted by other courts—merely because the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing involves an intricate and amorphous legal construct,” Hoeveler wrote in a footnote to his decision.  He added that he declined to “jump on the precedential bandwagon.”

Hoeveler ruled that, “while Scheck is not entitled to an exclusive territory, he is entitled to expect that Burger King will not act to destroy the right of the franchisee to enjoy the fruits of the contract.”  A Miami franchise lawyer calls the case a “landmark.”

“I think it is a very significant case for many reasons,” says Ronald Fieldstone of Fieldstone and Lester in Miami.  “In fact, franchise attorneys consider this to be a landmark case in that it will for the first time clarify franchisors’ duty to exercise good faith in opening company stores and other franchises.”

Fieldstone—who is not involved in the case—says that in even those cases where contracts do provide some protected area, that area typically hasn’t been large enough to protect the franchisee’s business.

“That’s why this is a major case,” Fieldstone says.  “If Scheck wins, this adds judicial clarification to the implied duty of good faith.”

The trial was set to begin Dec. 7, but may be delayed if Hoeveler allows Scheck to amend his complaint to add the fraud count.  Scheck contends that not only did Burger King open a restaurant that ruined Scheck’s business, but the corporation lied to Scheck about its plans for the new restaurant.

Burger King has asked Hoeveler to deny the request to amend the complaint.  The corporation says the fraud allegations are baseless and not timely filed.  Michael Evans, Burger King spokesman would say only that “We deny the allegations and we intend to pursue a vigorous defense of our position.”

The Hojo

Court documents show that as early as 1983, Scheck knew that Burger King wanted to convert a Howard Johnson restaurant on the Massachusetts Turnpike into a Burger King.  Scheck “strenuously objected,” arguing that another Burger King so close by would hurt his business.

In summer 1985, Marriott Corp. announced that it planned to buy the Howard Johnson.  That was good news for Scheck, because he believed the acquisition would put an end to plans for converting the site into a Burger King.  Burger King has a policy that prohibits any franchise owner from owning a “same or similar” restaurant of another chain.  Since Marriott owns Roy Rogers and Big Boy restaurants, Scheck concluded, Burger King would never allow Marriott to turn the site into a Burger King.

“Not only did Scheck believe that, he was told that repeatedly by Burger King officials,” Zarco says.  “He was told there was no way Marriott would be allowed to convert that to a Burger King.”

In fall 1985, Scheck, who have been renting his restaurant from Burger King, agreed to buy the property outright.  Scheck concluded the $691,000 deal, Zarco says only after he got additional assurances from Burger King that the turnpike site would not converted.  In spring 1986, Scheck spent another $190,000 remodeling his restaurant.

Then, in fall 1986, the turnpike site was approved as a Marriott-owned Burger King.

Zarco says Scheck was told that decision wasn’t made until nearly a year after Scheck bought his site.   But once Scheck sued—and Burger King had to turn over hundreds of documents as part of the court-ordered discovery process—Scheck came to believe the conversion had always been planned and he’d been lied to.

“Scheck could not have, and in fact, did not discover the fraud until this lawsuit was initiated,” Zarco wrote in court papers.  “Prior to the filing of this lawsuit, Scheck was completely unaware that the Lee turnpike site had always been slated for conversion and was unaffected by Marriott’s acquisition of the [Howard Johnson].  Scheck had always assumed, as he was told that [Burger King] had put the Lee turnpike on hold and only after a year had passed since he purchase the property did [Burger King] change its mind and allow the site conversion to continue.”

The Usual Deal

If Hoeveler allows the fraud allegation to be added to the complaint, the trial likely will be delayed a month or two to allow Burger King to prepare a defense.  Scheck originally was seeking about $2 million in compensatory damages.  But if the fraud allegation is allowed, that will open the door to punitive damages “in the millions,” Zarco says.

Beyond any damages Scheck may recover, Zarco says a victory for his client will send repercussions throughout the fast-food industry, substantially changing the relationship between franchisors such as Burger King and their thousands of franchisees. Fieldstone agrees, saying a Scheck victory would “shake up” the industry.

What will change, the lawyers say, is the franchisor’s ability to open new stores anywhere and any time they choose, virtually without regard to the effect on existing stores.

“I think the problem has to do with how the franchisors make their money,” Zarco says.  “They don’t make money based on the profitability of each location, but based on gross sales and percentage rent.  The fact is, McDonald’s and Burger King are in the real estate business, not the hamburger business.”

Barry Ziegler, a restaurant industry analyst for A.G. Edwards & Sons, says, “There’s no truth to that view.”

If Scheck prevails at trial, Zarco says, “in a post-Scheck era, franchisors are going to have to tread much more lightly before they encroach on an existing franchise.”

And Ziegler says that could ultimately be good for Burger King.  More heavily franchised than other fast-food chains, the company doesn’t do itself any good by angering its franchisees, he says.  Franchisees enable a company to expand quickly and open new stores.  So if the parent companies are forced to look more carefully at encroachment, he says, it may be those parent companies that ultimately benefit.

“If you put in a store that hurt the profitability of another franchisee, that’s bad for the company,” Ziegler says. “Even though on paper it might look like they don’t suffer, or even make more, the parent company can’t afford to have bad relationships with its franchisees.”


Attorneys Salkowski and Braunstein Score a Win Covered by Law360

In an Article Titled, “Hologram Co. Investor Penalized For ‘Harassment’ Filings” Excerpts taken from Law360 (September 16, 2022) Written by David Minsky

“A Florida federal judge ordered a Jacksonville man and his attorney to pay more than $135,000 in sanctions for filing “harassment” briefs and continuing to pursue a securities fraud lawsuit against Michael Jackson hologram creator Pulse Evolution Corp. even after it was dismissed.”

“These motions, devoid of any legal or factual support, were frivolous,” said U.S. Magistrate Judge Monte C. Richardson, who also cited Scott Meide for his “tone and manner”. The attorney fees were requested by attorney Laura Anthony and her husband, Michael, a broker, who were accused of facilitating fraud and listed as defendants in Meide’s suit against Pulse, although a judge dismissed the case against them.

Laura and Michael Anthony are represented by Michael D. Braunstein and Robert F. Salkowski of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, PA. Mr. Braunstein said, Meide continued with the case in an effort to “inflict pain and make it more complicated and difficult.”

Spotlight on National Franchise Law and Commercial Litigation Attorney Robert Zarco

Spotlight on National Franchise Law and Commercial Litigation Attorney Robert Zarco…the Man, Career, Lessons, and Accomplishments is featured in Haute Lawyer by Haute Living.

Epic Gala Event Celebrating the National Franchise Law Firm’s 30 th Anniversary

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava proclaimed February 26, 2022 as Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski, P.A. Day!

Nearly 500 distinguished guests, including prominent clients and colleagues, friends and family from all over the country and locally, feasted their eyes with tropical beauty, entertained by an 8-piece live band and DJ, an exquisite variety of delicious food, as well as numerous and extraordinary interactive entertainers cascading upon the beautiful outdoor garden venue on the bay throughout the evening.

The celebration, hosted at the residence of the law firm’s founder Attorney Robert Zarco, was themed “Tropicana in Havana” after the Latin roots of its founder and the people who have largely influenced Miami in the flavor of its music, food, and ambiance. The evening felt like a crescendo of excitement to feed all the senses, including dancers, models, musicians, and even a water show in the bay. It could arguably be deemed the ‘Party of the Year’!

‘That Annoys Judges’: How a Miami Lawyer Clinched a $168,000 Attorney-Fee Award

Partner Robert Einhorn lands on the front page of the Daily Business Review in the Miami print edition, winning a years-long battle in Federal Court over a franchise law case for a client, and obtaining a six figure attorney fee award. Einhorn attributes the sizable fee award to the firm’s customary practice of fair and reasonable billing without over-reaching. Congratulations! Read the article here.

newspaper clipping of how a maimai lawyer clinched a 168,000 fee

Robert Zarco Weighs in on Flores’ NFL Lawsuit. Making Case in Court May Be Tough, Experts Say

Publication: Miami Herald

Attorney Robert Zarco weighs in, when asked by the mediaNFL controversy over potential senior level employment racial discrimination allegations and possible litigation involving the Miami Dolphins and others in the NFL over hiring practices. Read the article here.

Haute Media Group Co-Founder Seth Semilof Interviews Robert Zarco

Publication: Haute Lawyer by Haute Living

Haute Lawyer Network’s webinar series selects Attorney Robert Zarco to discuss the life that led him to become a nationally renowned force in all areas of Franchise Law, Commercial Litigation, and complex business disputes resolution. Watch the webinar here.

Zarco Speaks On Franchise Law And Unfair Trade Practices

Publication: Haute Living and Haute Lawyer

Attorney Robert Zarco discussed crucial advice for franchise owners with Haute Lawyer by Haute Living’s ‘Attorney Talk’. This two-part interview with Keith Miller, Director of Public Affairs for the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) focussed on francise law and unfair trade practices between franchisor and franchisee.

Part one and part two of the interview can be found on Haute Living.

Haute Living Launches Haute Leaders Dinner Series At Uchi Miami

Publication: Haute Living and Haute Lawyer

Haute Lawyer Robert Zarco was the featured Speaker in the 1st inaugural Haute Living leaders dinner series. Haute Mediap Senior VP, April Donelson, described Zarco’s impassioned and inspiring speech as an absolute highlight, and thanked him for his long tenure, deep ties and commitment to the Haute Living luxury brand.

Firm Founder Robert Zarco was interviewed by Haute Lawyer on how the 2020 pandemic impacted professional lives at the firm and how they adapted.

Publication: Haute Living and Haute Lawyer

Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski are blessed to have built luxury office space in 2018 that is vastly spacious and physically distanced for the safety and comfort of our staff and clients. It uniquely allows us to work collaboratively while social distancing at a time when our clients are counting on our service more than ever in this challenging environment. We are deeply saddened by the terrible suffering and loss COVID-19 has caused so many people and businesses in such a sudden, dramatic, and unforeseen manner, including many of our clients in the restaurant, hotel, and hospitality business. Founding Partner Robert Zarco stands proud that the firm has been able to provide continuous support for our valued clients, and our team in a way that maintained full employment and full pay throughout the pandemic for all of our personnel in 2020, including adding additional lawyers and staff. We are optimistic that the vaccines being rolled out will moderate the spread of COVID and allow us to return to some normalcy soon in the New Year in our personal and professional lives.

The Franchise Relationship That Powers Small Business Is Fraying

Publication: The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal featured a front page story on Franchises and the increasingly fraying relationship between franchisors and franchisees. Attorney Robert Zarco was quoted regarding client Edible Arrangements Franchisee Association, also interviewed and represented by Zarco Law Attorneys Robert Salkowski and Colby Conforti. Our team is proud to stand by the best business interests of our franchisees and franchisee associations clients for over 30 years from over 500 brands and counting.

National Franchisee Association Settles 2 year Lawsuit with Franchisor Jack in the Box (JIB)

Publication: The San Diego Union Tribune

Zarco Law Senior Franchisee Attorneys Robert Zarco and Robert Salkowski, lead counsel representing the National JIB Franchisee Association, an independent franchisee association that represents over 75% of the nearly 2,200 franchisees in the Jack In The Box System, agreed to a mutually beneficial undisclosed settlement with the franchisor that provides cooperation, inclusion, and transparency on promoting and growing the brand, including decisions on marketing expenditures and providing important financial disclosures to franchisees.

Franchises have become an attractive acquisition for private equity firms, with the ultimate goal of maximizing profits and minimizing expenses. Consequently, a great deal of the burden is being borne by franchisees by compromising their operations, reach to potential customers, and deliveries to clients. The large national franchisee group leveraged the power of their association to prompt the hiring of a new CEO who ultimately helped bridge the divide between the parties for the sake of the future success of the brand, the company, and all its stakeholders.

Jack in the Box and its Franchise Association Reach Settlement

Publication: QSR

Jack in the Box National Franchisee Association (NFA) and Jack in the Box, Inc (Franchisor) have reached an undisclosed settlement that aligns the interests of both the Franchisor and its several thousand Franchisees after a nearly 2 year dispute, with professional counsel including Zarco Law Attorneys Robert Zarco and Rob Salkowski. The mutually beneficial agreement aligns the interests of both parties and promises to increase communication, cooperation, and transparency moving forward.


Jack in the Box Settles its Dispute with Franchisees

Publication: Restaurant Business

National Jack in the Box Franchisee Association representing over 2100 franchisees, led in large part by Zarco Law Senior Partners Robert Zarco and Robert Salkowski, settles a mutually agreeable 2 year lawsuit against franchisor Jack in the Box, Inc. New JIB CEO Darin Harris played an essential role by agreeing that transparency, communication, and cooperation going forward between the franchisor and franchisees are essential for the restaurant’s brand and operational success. Congratulations!

Webinar: The ‘Franchise King’ Attorney Robert Zarco discusses Franchise Law and the Franchise Business in light of COVID-19

Publication: Haute Living and Haute Lawyer

Nationally recognized Franchise Law Attorney, Robert Zarco as some call the ‘Franchise King’, shares his insights on how Franchises are Weathering and Navigating the 2020 Business and Legal Climate from COVID-19.

Zarco reviews his current experience regarding the main concerns for franchises, including the kinds of disputes and litigation, what factors are cause some to thrive while others suffer or fail, any legal precedents that may be ripe to be set, what protections are needed now more than ever and where the franchise model may go from here.

PODCAST: Examining the Battle over Business Interruption Insurance Coverage

Publication: Long Live Lodging and Lodging Leaders

“As the hospitality industry struggles to mitigate the massive loss of revenue caused by the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of hotel owners are filing lawsuits to force their property insurance providers to cover their financial casualties”, as examined in this informative podcast by Lodging Leaders in

The very contentious issue of business interruption insurance affecting hotels, restaurants, retailers and so many more is estimated to cost Insurers, if forced to pay claims, anywhere from a minimum of $255 billion according to the American Property Casualty Insurance Association to as much as over $600 billion as reported by Best’s Insurance. Lawmakers in both the State and Federal governments are considering legislation to intervene and help mitigate the catastrophic economic damage and sustainability to all sides from COVID-19 and the ensuing government shutdowns. The battles center around potentially unprecedented legal arguments where the insurance industry claims “the amounts are not sustainable and would ultimately make many insurers insolvent”, and hotel owners argue “they’ve paid premiums for years to cover high-loss scenarios such as the one they’re facing now”.

This podcast features Attorney Robert Zarco of Zarco Law; Sanjay Patel, CEO of MHG Hotels; Gregory Riehle, hospitality consultant and lawyer; and Dr. Robert Hartwig at the Center for Risk and Uncertainty Management at the University of South Carolina co-authored a white paper about the un-insurability of businesses affected by viral pandemics.

Inspirational Interview with Game-Changing Attorney Robert Zarco

Haute Living Magazine and Haute Lawyer hosted a comprehensive and informative interview of nationally acclaimed Commercial Litigation and Franchise Law Attorney Robert Zarco on a variety of topics. ZARCO discusses growing up poor from a hard-working Cuban immigrant family, the importance of education, building and holding on to the principles of the American Dream, navigating business life during and after the coronavirus and government shutdowns, and so much more. Please read and watch this inspirational video.

Haute Living and Haute Lawyer Article: Watch Inspirational Interview with Game-Changing Attorney Robert Zarco

Hotel owners press insurance firms to pay business-interruption claims

“Not all business-interruption policies are created equal,” said Attorney Robert Zarco, and whether or not there is insurance policy coverage “isn’t always clear cut”. “After SARS, many insurers included pandemic exclusions. However, not all policies or exclusions are drafted the same, and there are exceptions to the exclusions.” What’s more is that Insurance companies are denying claims even when there are All-Risk policies with no exclusions whatsoever related to viruses or pandemics.

Travel Weekly Article: Hotel owners press insurance firms to pay business-interruption claims

Litigation Builds Against Insurers Over Coronavirus Business Interruption

The heat is getting super hot in the kitchen of the insurance and legal world over the financial fallout to businesses from the government shutdowns to slow the spread of the coronavirus!

Is the cure worse than the disease? Time will tell…in the meantime, we wait while everyone is quickly taking sides and building their arguments. This could mean life or death in business and in health…the stakes are very high, and governments (taxpayers) are caught in the middle!

Insurance Journal Article: Litigation Builds Against Insurers Over Coronavirus Business Interruption

How to Fight Denials of Business Interruption Claims

Franchise Times article reports again on the mounting fight by businesses and their lawyers against Insurance Companies (and Government) to gain financial support for unprecedented sudden catastrophic losses of income due to business shutdowns from the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Well-known attorney, Robert Zarco, who sues franchisors nationwide in high-profile lawsuits on behalf of franchisees, is now ”taking the bull by the horns” targeting insurance carriers who are denying claims “at a time when (businesses) need it most” after paying hefty Insurance premiums for years!

As is usually typical with many qualifying cases involving legal disputes at Zarco Law, businesses may be represented, to help fight insurers’ denials after reviewing the specific details around the case, on a percentage contingency basis of any amounts gained, meaning clients don’t pay unless he wins, plus a “small upfront fee’ and other costs incurred.

Most of the clients Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski is representing are multi-unit operators for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and auto dealerships that are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. More information can be found on our website, including how to contact the firm for a free initial consultation.

Monthly Loss of $431 Billion Spurs Insurance Claims Across U.S

‘Nearly Half a Billion Dollars monthly in Business Loss of Income from Corona Virus and Ensuing Government Shutdowns is Spurring Insurance Claims’

“Even Carefully crafted policies may not be enough to protect the insurers, says Robert Zarco, a Miami-based lawyer who represents thousands of McDonald’s, Burger King and Hilton hotel franchisees gearing up to file business-interruption suits.”

Bloomberg Article: Monthly Loss of $431 Billion Spurs Insurance Claims Across U.S.

Washington Post Article: Monthly Loss of $431 Billion Spurs Insurance Claims Across U.S.

Zarco Law suing Edible Arrangements (EA) franchisor on behalf of the EA association of franchisees

Edible Arrangements (EA) franchisee association is suing the EA franchisor and CEO Tariq Farid over a long list of alleged grievances including “self-dealing”, alleged improper use of advertising funds for operations, and “unreasonable cost increases”. Attorneys Robert Zarco, Robert Salkowski and Colby Conforti are seeking remedies to protect the economic viability of the EA franchisees, including “compensation for business losses as well as a change in the business model”.

The EA Franchisee Association President claims that stores are closing due to a variety of unreasonable operational practices and costs that essentially compensates the franchisor approximately 20% off the top in royalties, advertising, and other fees and requirements, to the detriment of the franchisees.

The EA Franchisor is now allegedly retaliating against the Franchisee Association board members for the lawsuit by blocking them from participating in town hall phone calls giving vital information on navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

The law firm of Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski, P.A. has over 30 years of experience in protecting the commercial legal interests of small and mid-sized businesses and franchisees against their larger counterparts. Most recently, the firm is seeking to attempt recovery for clients for loss of income due to Business Interruption arising from the government shutdown related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Please read attached or contact our firm for more information.

Franchise Times Article: Lawsuit Alleges Edible Arrangements Founder Is Self-Dealing

Practical Business and Insurance Considerations for Hotels and Restaurants during the Covid-19 Crisis

Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski P.A. is actively involved in helping business clients review insurance policies and real estate leases in attempts to recover unprecedented amounts of lost income due to the government mandated business closures to restrict spreading the COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus.The article attached published in Yahoo Finance summarizes some but not all of the key legal arguments being considered by our law firm for recovering these dramatic financial losses.Restaurants and Hospitality businesses are especially afflicted by this shutdown, as are many other sectors as well

Yahoo Finance via ACCESSWIRE Article: Practical Business and Insurance Considerations for Hotels and Restaurants during the Covid-19 Crisis

‘National Franchise Law leader Zarco Law Sues and Counter Sues Jack in the Box Franchisor on various suits and claims defending Franchisees’

Zarco Law, a longtime national leader in franchise law, is representing the national Jack in the Box (JIB) Franchisee Association and multi-store JIB operator San-Tex in various unrelated lawsuits and counter-suits against the JIB Franchisor.Law Firm Founder Robert Zarco is claiming ‘Unjust Enrichment’ and ‘Wrongful Termination’ amongst other legal arguments. “For the past several years, JIB has been unable to or unwilling to invest in marketing or menu innovation and unable or unwilling to establish an effective brand strategy,” the franchise operators allege in their suit. “Because there currently is no cohesive brand strategy, the Jack in the Box System is losing ground to competitors.”

San Antonio Express News Article: Jack in the Box, banished San Antonio operator battle in court

“Not so Fast!” Zarco Law Challenging Insurers’ Blatant Denials of Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Franchise Times features Robert Zarco in an article on fighting Insurers’ denials of Business Interruption Insurance claims on behalf of businesses suffering to remain afloat during the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus scare. Zarco Law is signing up a vast amount of cases on behalf of franchisees, hotels, restaurants and other businesses to review their unique situation and decide whether to move forward with a claim, or litigation if absolutely necessary. Zarco andthe firm made their name decades ago establishing legal precedent-setting case law in the franchise world in similarly challenging circumstances and is seeking to do it again in the insurance space. At a time when everyone is turning in the towel to insurance agents and others claiming the coverages don’t extend to viruses or pandemics, Zarco says “Not so fast! Let’s take a look on a case by case basis where the language is either vague or contradictory.”

Franchise Times Article: You Can Fight Insurers Denying Business Interruption Claims, Attorney Says

Legal Leader in Challenging Business Interruption Insurance Denial Claims

Attorney Robert Zarco is quickly becoming a leading national authority on protecting the economic interests of his vast small business and franchisee clientele (hundreds of brands) during this unexpected pandemic that is threatening the very existence of so many businesses and their financial obligations to their stakeholders. Zarco’s legal arguments can bring hope of financial recovery for many whose contracts leave loopholes or vague language which need to be assessed on a case by case basis. Read the article attached by National Restaurant NEWS for more information and call us now BEFORE you make a Claim or assume defeat 305-374-5418.

National Restaurant News Article : Here’s what your restaurant business insurance may (or may not) cover during the coronavirus pandemic

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Zarco Law is ‘Taking the Bull by the Horns’ in helping Restaurants and other Service Businesses Recoup Lost Income from the Government Shutdown intended to Combat COVID-19. Our firm has a long history of using creative successful legal strategies defending ‘David vs Goliath’, including accepting Contingency fees in qualifying cases in addition to a very small upfront fee. Be sure to contact our firm for a free initial consultation PRIOR to making an Insurance Claim!


Staying Ahead of the Curve

Founding Partner, Robert Zarco is again in the news at the forefront of strongly advocating to protect the interests and economic viability of franchisees during these unprecedented challenging circumstances that in many cases is requiring businesses to close down by government mandate.

Zarco and the law firm have discovered creative legal theories to help and deal with this crisis via a variety of opportunities, including recovery under Business Interruption Insurance even if exclusions exist, as well as other infrequently relied upon legal strategies. Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski PA remains open and available during this crisis to help all existing and new business clients to navigate this turbulent time.

The accompanying article highlights the situation that is going to frequently arise throughout the country in businesses like yours, however, the article does not contain any of the legal strategies that our firm will be looking to rely upon in order to protect the interests of the firm’s clients.

Restaurant Business Article: With Plummeting Sales, Franchises Face Brutal Future

Author:Jonathan Maze
Publication:Restaurant Business Online


Author:Jonathan Maze
Publication:Restaurant Business Online

Burger King customers seen telling manager to ‘go back to Mexico’ in viral video

Author:Michael Bartiromo
Publication:FOX News

Two Burger King customers tell Spanish-speaking manager to ‘go back to Mexico’

Author:Hasley Pitman News Tucson

Pruco Can’t Escape Claims Over Ex-Law Partner’s $2M Policy

Author:Nathan Hale

Don’t Let A Rodent Mess Up Your Franchise Relationship

Author:Mahmood Khan

The Joint: Price ‘Adjustment’ Incoming – 65% Downside On Busted Unit Economics

Author:The Friendly Bear
Publication:Seeking Alpha

National Jack in the Box Franchisee Association Issues Statement on Management’s Refusal to Address Franchisee Concerns During Q2 Earnings Call

Author:Jennifer Webb at Coltrin & Associates
Publication:Business Wire

BURGER KING DISMISSES ITS SUIT AGAINST A LARGE FRANCHISEE The 37 locations in Southern Texas owned by Guillermo Perales will remain open.

Author:Jonathan Maze
Publication:Restaurant Business

Burger King franchisee could lose 37 Valley locations

Author:Stephen Sealey
Publication:CBS 4 News Valley Central

Burger King sues Texas firm, seeks to force store sale

Author:Rick Kelley
Publication:The Monitor

Burger King demanda a franquicia tras denuncia de ratas La compañía puso fin a los acuerdos de franquicia a raíz de reportajes de Telemundo 40 Investiga sobre denuncia de ratas.

Author:Antonio Rodriguez
Publication:Telemundo 40

BURGER KING FRANCHISEE PUSHES BACK AGAINST COMPANY’S LAWSUIT Guillermo Perales’ attorney said the brand’s termination of 37 Texas restaurants was improper and that the company is trying to get the operator to sell.

Author:Jonathan Maze
Publication:Restaurant Business Online

Papa John’s Goes Big With Drafting a New Board Member Shaquille O’Neal Could Be Slam Dunk That Helps Sales Grow and Stores Stay Open

Author:Richard Lawson

Atty Must Return Docs In Row Over Ex-Partner’s $2M Policy

Author:Nathan Hale
Publication:LAW 360

Pending Legal Nightmare Likely To Halt Franchise Growth, Making El Pollo Loco Uninvestible

Author:The Friendly Bear
Publication:Seeking Alpha

Papa John’s Makes Move to Recover the Sales Pie Lost to Controversy

Author:Richard Lawson
Publication:CoStar News

The Biggest Restaurant Newsmakers of 2018

Author:Jonathan Maze
Publication:Restaurant Business Online

“Franchise King” Robert Zarco Celebrates Firm’s 25th Anniversary With Grand Opening Of Sprawling New Office

Author:Alejandra Tenorio
Publication:Haute Living

H&R Block’s ‘no-poach’ hiring practices under fire from lawsuit, state investigation

Author:Mark Davis
Publication:The Kansas City Star

Jack in the Box Sued by Franchise Group for Breach of Contract

Author:Nancy Luna
Publication:Nation’s Restaurant News

Franchise group sues San Diego’s Jack in the Box over marketing, remodeling costs

Author:Mike Freeman
Publication:The San Diego Union-Tribune

Papa John’s franchisees’ attorney: Past year had ‘a big, big impact on the franchisees’ net income’

Author:S.A. Whitehead
Publication:Pizza Marketplace

Papa John’s Franchisees Demand Management Do Something About Falling Sales

Author:Daniel B. Kline
Publication:The Motley Fool

National Papa John’s Franchisee Association Hires Prominent Franchisee Attorney, Robert Zarco, Esq.

Author:Business Wire
Publication:AP News

Papa John’s franchisees lawyer up

Author:Erica Shaffer

Papa John’s Franchisees Hire a High-Powered Attorney

Author:Jonathan Maze
Publication:Restaurant Business

Papa John’s Franchisees Call in Specialist Lawyer as Sales Sag

Author:Leslie Patton

McDonald’s Franchise Owners Are Not Alone

Author:Gary Occhiogrosso

Fast-Food Franchisees Band Together, Discover Power of Associations

Author:Ernie Smith
Publication:Associations Now


Author:Jonathan Maze
Publication:Restaurant Business

We Can’t Cut Our Way To Prosperity’: Why Jack In The Box Franchisees Want A New CEO

Author:Alicia Kelso

Here Is Why Jack in the Box Franchisees Are Demanding a Leadership Change

Author:Alicia Kelso

Franchise Owners Say Jack in the Box CEO Needs to Go, CMO Wanted

Author:Don Sniegowski
Publication:Blue Mau Mau

Jack in the Box Franchisees Call for CEO Ouster

Author:Danny Klein

Failed merger sparks lawsuit against prominent Polk lawyer, former Florida Bar president John Frost, partner Peter Van Den Boom

Author:John Chambliss
Publication:The Ledger

NLRB Proposes New Rule to Revert Franchisor Liabilities to Franchisees

Publication:Blue Mau Mau

Prudential To Stay In Suit Over Ex-Law Partner’s $2M Policy

Author:Carolina Bolado
Publication:Law 360

Supplement Maker Can’t Prove Consent Judgment Violated

Author:Emma Cueto
Publication:Law 360

El Pollo Loco Verdict Makes ‘New Law,’ Attorney Says

Author:Beth Ewen
Publication:Franchise Times

El Pollo Loco Ordered to Pay $8.8M in Damages to Franchisee

Author:Nancy Luna
Publication:Nation’s Restaurant News

Tensions Brew between Tim Hortons Franchisees and Parent Company

Author:The Canadian Press
Publication:Terrace Standard

Jury Awards $8.8M Damages to El Pollo Loco Franchisees over Encroachment

Author:Janet Sparks
Publication:Blue Mau Mau

Tensions Brew between Tim Hortons Franchisees and Parent Company

Author:The Canadian Press
Publication:Coast Mountain News

Tim Hortons U.S. Franchisee Association Sues Parent Company

Author:The Canadian Press
Publication:The Globe and Mail

Tim Hortons U.S. Franchisees Launch Suit Against Corporate Parent

Author:Hollie Shaw
Publication:Financial Post

U.S. Tim Hortons Franchisee Association Sues Parent Company Over Contract Clause

Author:The Canadian Press
Publication:Times Colonist

Miami retail broker sues over life insurance policy of late husband

Author:Katherine Kallergis
Publication:The Real Deal

After his law partner’s suicide, he got the widow to sign over millions. Enter lawsuit.

Author:Howard Cohen
Publication:Miami Herald

Miami Lawyer Accused of Bilking Former Partner and His Widow

Author:Samantha Joseph
Publication:Daily Business Review

Attorney Robert Zarco Wins Landmark Case Against El Pollo Loco, Inc.

Author:Colin Daniels
Publication:Haute Living

“Franchise King” Robert Zarco On The Expansion Of His Highly-Regarded Litigation Practice

Author:Antonia Debianchi
Publication:Haute Living

California Jury Finds that El Pollo Loco, Inc. Violated the Implied Covenant of Good Faith by Encroaching on Franchisees’ Non-Exclusive Territory and by Failing to Offer Encroaching Restaurants to Nearby Franchisees

California Jury Finds That El Pollo Loco, Inc. Violated the Implied Covenant of Good Faith by Encroaching On Franchisees’ Non-Exclusive Territory and by Failing to Offer Encroaching Restaurants to Nearby Franchisees

Publication:Digital Journal

Faena Rose Hosts Chef Michael Solomonov for an Exclusive Dinner at the Robert Zarco Residence

Author:Photography by Alejandro Chavarria
Publication:World Redeye

‘Answers sought, answers denied’ as Tim Hortons/RBI union sours

Author:Beth Ewen
Publication:Franchise Times

Tim Hortons franchisee dispute spreads to U.S.

Author:Jonathan Maze
Publication:Nation’s Restaurant News

Tim Hortons Franchisee Row Moves South of the Border

Author:Marina Strauss
Publication:The Globe and Mail

All Star Boxing v. Alvarez Makes Top 50 Verdicts in Florida!

Hyundai Motor Company Sued

Publication:PR Newswire

Franchise Attorney Robert Zarco On Franchisee Rights And How To Avoid Battling A Deep-Pocketed Brand

Author:Amy Feldman

Boxing Promoter Takes Narrow Victory in Contract Case

Author:Celia Ampel
Publication:Daily Business Review

Florida jury orders Canelo Alvarez to pay $8.5M in contract case

Author:Dan Rafael

Otorgan $8.5 millones a empresario de Miami en juicio contra Canelo y De La Hoya

Author:Jorge Ebro
Publication:El Nuevo Herald

“Canelo” Alvarez pierde jucio en Miami

Publication:El Universal

Canelo Alvarez on the hook for $8.5 million in breach of contract case

Author:Mitch Abramson
Publication:The Ring

Jury finds Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez has to pay former promoter $8.5 million

Author:Lance Pugmire
Publication:LA Times

Things Not Going Well For Canelo, Golden Boy in Ongoing Trial

Author:Miguel Rivera

Miami-Dade commissioners vote to let Jackson Health keep profits

Author:Daniel Chang
Publication:Miami Herald

Canelo Alvarez is scheduled to testify Friday in All-Star Boxing trial

Author:Mitch Abramson
Publication:The Ring

‘Canelo’ Álvarez y Oscar de la Hoya se negaron a hablar tras inicio de juicio en su contra

Publication:Univision Deportes

Jurors Set For All-Star Boxing vs. Canelo/Golden Boy Lawsuit

Author:Jake Donovan

Inician jucio contra “Canelo” Alvarez en Miami

Author:Mayor J. King
Publication:Zona De Boxeo

Juicio contra Canelo Alvarez y Golden Boy comenzó en Miami

Author:Carlos Narvaez Rosario
Publication:ESPN Deportes

Canelo, Golden Boy Dig in For Lengthy Court Battle With All-Star

Author:Jake Donovan

Canelo Álvarez y De la Hoya sorprenden con presencia temprana en juicio en Miami

Author:Jorge Ebro
Publication:El Nuevo Herald

No More Delays: All-Star Boxing Gets Day in Court Versus Canelo

Author:Jake Donovan

Zarco: NLRB Ruling is Good for Franchisees

Author:Scott Van Voorhis
Publication:Blue Mau Mau

Canelo Álvarez podría perder contrato con HBO en Mayo-23

Author:Rey Sanchez
Publication:Ring Side Fighting News

Don King posts $1 million to get Broward judge to block martial arts fight

Author:Sofia Santana
Publication:The Palm Beach Post