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Protect your intellectual property as you would your other assets

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Blog |

If someone asked you for a list of your business assets, you would probably include things like land, buildings, equipment, stocks and cash. Not many business owners in the Miami area have come to accept that intellectual properties are assets, too. As such, your intellectual property needs protection just as you other assets do.

The problem that many have with intellectual property is its vastness. After all, even ideas, concepts and trade secrets are forms of intellectual property that could be stolen or compromised. It can be difficult for even the most astute and business-savvy individuals to comprehend the possible amount of intellectual property they possess. The question then becomes, how does one safeguard such property?

Fortunately, there are effective methods to accomplish this goal. We suggest speaking with a legal advocate to plan and develop safeguards for your property. Some of these protections include:

  • Acquiring trademarks for your property
  • Copyrighting your intellectual property (literary works, business plans, brochures, logos, etc.)
  • Well-drafted nondisclosure agreements can be useful in creating a protection plan for trade secrets

We want you to understand that if you partner with a law firm to create a protection plan, you will gain a skilled advocate that can also help if someone steals your property or tries to modify in some way. Attorneys practicing in business law have access to a network of other professionals that can strengthen your case.

For example, if an individual hacked into your computer and took your blueprints or your client list, we might recommend using a digital forensics expert to investigate your computer and that of the person responsible for the theft.

The takeaway here is that intellectual property is vital to the success of businesses and companies in Florida. It makes sense to do all you can to protect such property from other people and companies. Please continue reviewing our firm’s website for more information.