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Our law firm Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., has extensive experience organizing and advising franchisee associations. These associations allow franchisees to communicate among themselves, share best business practices, and band together to address common business and legal challenges. Typically, franchisees consider forming a franchise association when multiple franchisees are experiencing common business challenges or difficulties with the franchisor, and have not been able to obtain adequate assistance or relief from the franchisor.

Individual franchisees often lack bargaining power because they do not have the resources and legal talent that their franchisors possess. They may fear retaliation if they speak out, or they may feel their franchisor is unwilling to resolve issues. Through franchise associations, franchisees may equal the playing field in the relationship with their franchisor. Franchise associations also provide a structured way for franchisees to meet one another and discuss common day-to-day challenges, solutions and best practices.

At the Miami-based Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., we have vast experience in forming franchisee associations. Our attorneys also advise our clients on all aspects of managing the association, prioritizing goals and becoming an effective organization. We also provide franchisee associations with competent and experienced legal advice regarding their franchisor relationship and on all aspects of the operation of their franchised businesses.

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From our office in Miami, our lawyers serve franchisees throughout the United States and the world.  Our firm helps franchisee associations level the playing field against larger adversaries. For a free consultation, contact us online or call us at 305-703-5058 or at 888-580-7844.