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Kind Words From A Client

National Franchisee Association Settles 2 year Lawsuit with Franchisor Jack in the Box (JIB)

Zarco Law Senior Franchisee Attorneys Robert Zarco and Robert Salkowski, lead counsel representing the National JIB Franchisee Association, an independent franchisee association that represents over 75% of the nearly 2,200 franchisees in the Jack In The Box System, agreed to a mutually beneficial undisclosed settlement with the franchisor that provides cooperation, inclusion, and transparency on promoting and growing the brand, including decisions on marketing expenditures and providing important financial disclosures to franchisees.


On behalf of the National Franchisee Association for Jack in the Box and the nearly 1,800 restaurants we represent, I want to personally thank you for your advocacy, legal representation and nearly perfect resolution to our matter. In our minds, our case was unique in that we wanted peace and transparency with our franchisor and an engaging advisory council. We simply wanted our franchisor to understand and appreciate the benefits a happy healthy franchise community bring to a brand. Although it seems logical that any franchisor would understand this, it took engaging you guys to get their attention. Your reputation, influence and counsel were critical in affecting management and cultural change at Jack in the Box. We are excited about our future with the new leadership team.

I never told you this story but for years our franchisees, (and probably ever other franchisee and franchisor in the US) have been familiar with your name. In fact, long before we even met, we used to measure issues that would arise in the association as to whether or not they were “Zarco worthy”. As highly regarded as you are, when i finally did meet you, I didn’t expect a guy who was down to earth and acessible. It was always enjoyable to chat and even though you tease us about taking our calls at any hour, I don’t think we ever called you past 1am pacific time, 4am in Miami, and by then we assumed you were waking up for the day anyway. All kidding aside, we beleive we have made long-term friends in you both and will be taking you up on your offer to come to Miami.

Please let us know if we can ever assist you. I am happy to be a reference especially if other associations are struggling similarly to the way we were. Additionally, you can count on us letting others know the great success we achieved from engaging your firm.

Thank you both again and Happy Holidays.


F. Michael Norwich, Jr.