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Zarco Law is at the Forefront of Legal Strategies to help Businesses attempt to Recoup Economic Loss of Income from Corona Virus (COVID-19) and Government Shutdown

COVID-19 has thrown our way of living into treacherous and unchartered waters.  With each passing day, the scare of this novel corona virus has caused our emotionally charged government officials at every level to react with decisions that effectively strip our ability to work, shop, play and interact normally in order to slow or prevent the spread of this viral outbreak, while causing economic mayhem in its giant wake.

The nationally renowned and highly experienced business litigation and trial attorneys at Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski are here to help you navigate the legalities from the economic fallout caused by the turbulence of these previously unchartered waters.  We recognize that the shocks are severe and broad, with potentially deep-lasting effects to your ability to survive financially the resulting effects that are no fault of your own.

Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski is currently working on these and other business litigation matters arising from this pandemic for our clients.  We want to hear your specific circumstances right away to offer you creative solutions to solve your legal business challenges and needs during this frightening and unprecedented period!  Time is of the essence!  It is always best to be prepared and seek our legal guidance prior to contacting your insurance company and making a claim!  Recognizing the financial need of our clients, Zarco Law will be handling cases on a primarily contingency basis in addition to a small upfront fee and relevant costs.  We offer a free initial consultation, and trust you will find the following Articles and Videos helpful.  Give us a call at 888-580-7844 or contact us at to discuss your options and to enhance the likelihood of obtaining a successful outcome for your business.

Litigation Builds Against Insurers Over Coronavirus Business Interruption

The heat is getting super hot in the kitchen of the insurance and legal world over the financial fallout to businesses from the government shutdowns to slow the spread of the coronavirus!

Is the cure worse than the disease? Time will tell…in the meantime, we wait while everyone is quickly taking sides and building their arguments. This could mean life or death in business and in health…the stakes are very high, and governments (taxpayers) are caught in the middle!

Insurance Journal Article: Litigation Builds Against Insurers Over Coronavirus Business Interruption


The Coronavirus Pandemic has completely altered our way of living, not to mention the financial and operational landscape for businesses. Attorney Robert Zarco writes about some legal and business strategies that could make all the difference in whether businesses can survive this unexpected mayhem. Our experienced attorneys are in a unique position to help guide business owners to navigate these unchartered tumultuous waters.

Sources of Disputes, Legal Arguments, and Financial Recovery in the Wake of COVID-19 and Businesses Interruption

Zarco Law At Forefront Of Challenging Insurers’ Denials Of Businesses Interruption Insurance Claims In Wake Of Covid-19

Zarco Law At Forefront Of Challenging Insurers’ Denials Of Businesses Interruption Insurance Claims In Wake Of Covid-19


PODCAST: “As the hospitality industry struggles to mitigate the massive loss of revenue caused by the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of hotel owners are filing lawsuits to force their property insurance providers to cover their financial casualties”, as examined in this informative podcast including Attorney Robert Zarco by Lodging Leaders in

The very contentious issue of business interruption insurance affecting hotels, restaurants, retailers and so many more is estimated to cost Insurers, if forced to pay claims, anywhere from a minimum of $255 billion according to the American Property Casualty Insurance Association to as much as over $600 billion as reported by Best’s Insurance. Lawmakers in both the State and Federal governments are considering legislation to intervene and help mitigate the catastrophic economic damage and sustainability to all sides from COVID-19 and the ensuing government shutdowns.

Video on “Handling Business Interruption/Loss Insurance Claims Due to Civil Authority Mandates/COVID-19” by Attorney Robert Zarco where he addressed over 600 attendees in a Webinar hosted by the CFA (Coalition of Franchisees Association) with over 600 business owners and member/attendees.

This is a very informative 1 hour discussion on the topic that is very prevalent and concerning to business owners during this highly impactful and unexpected event of the government shutdowns of or way of living and working due to the novel corona virus and COVID-19.
Click on the YouTube link below:

VIDEO surrounding Corona Virus and Government Shutdown on Real Estate “Landlord/Tenant Disputes and Force Majeure” sponsored by RKW Residential featuring Law Firm Senior Partner Robert Zarco

Zarco Law “In The Media” with Information that may Assist Clients in their Efforts to Recover Substantial Economic Losses from this Unexpected Mayhem from Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the Ensuing Government Shutdown

Articles In The Media:

Hotel owners press insurance firms to pay business-interruption claims

(Travel Weekly)
Insurance Companies are seemingly flatly denying business interruption insurance coverage even with All-Risk policies that do not exclude pandemics or viruses. Zarco Law is reviewing and aggressively defending businesses and franchises with insurance policies where loss of income coverage is allegedly present and claims should be reasonably expected in return for the premiums paid.

Litigation Builds Against Insurers Over Coronavirus Business Interruption

(Insurance Journal)
Time will tell whether the cure was worse than the COVID-19 disease, as the insurance and legal world battle over the financial fallout to businesses from the government shutdowns to slow the spread of the coronavirus!

How to Fight Denials of Business Interruption Claims

(Franchise Times)
Franchise Times once again reports and quotes Attorney Robert Zarco on the mounting fight by businesses and their lawyers against Insurance Companies (and Government) to gain financial support for unprecedented sudden catastrophic losses of income due to business shutdowns from the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. This could mean life or death in business and in health…the stakes are very high, and governments (taxpayers) are caught in the middle!

Monthly Loss of $431 Billion Spurs Insurance Claims Across U.S.

(Bloomberg and Washington Post)
Bloomberg and Washington Post both published this article where Zarco is quoted as saying, “Even Carefully crafted policies may not be enough to protect the insurers, says Robert Zarco, a Miami-based lawyer who represents thousands of McDonald’s, Burger King and Hilton hotel franchisees gearing up to file business-interruption suits.”

Practical Business and Insurance Considerations for Hotels and Restaurants during the Covid-19 Crisis

(Yahoo Finance)
Article published in Yahoo Finance summarizing some but not all of the key legal arguments being considered by our law firm in attempts to recover dramatic financial losses for businesses.  Restaurants and Hospitality businesses are especially afflicted by this shutdown, as are many other sectors as well.

You Can Fight Insurers Denying Business Interruption Claims, Attorney Says

(Franchise Times)
Franchise Times features firm Founding Partner Robert Zarco in this article at a time when everyone is turning in the towel to insurance agents and others claiming the coverages don’t extend to viruses or pandemics.  Zarco says “Not so fast, let’s take a look on a case by case basis where the language is either vague or contradictory.”  Zarco Law is signing up a vast amount of cases on behalf of franchisees, hotels, restaurants and other businesses to review their unique situation and decide whether to move forward with a claim, or litigation if absolutely necessary. Zarco and the firm made their name decades ago establishing legal precedent-setting case law representing hundreds of brands of franchisees in the franchise world in similarly challenging circumstances, and is seeking to do it again in the insurance space.

Here’s What Your Restaurant Business Insurance May (or May Not) Cover During the Coronvirus Pandemic

(National Restaurant News)
Zarco, Einhorn, Salkowski’s legal arguments can bring hope of financial recovery for many businesses whose contracts leave loopholes or vague language which need to be assessed on a case by case basis.

Restaurants Get No Relief From Business Interruption Insurance

(Restaurant Business)
Zarco Law is ‘Taking the Bull by the Horns’ in helping restaurants, hotels, and other businesses attempt to recoup Lost Income from the government shutdown intended to combat COVID-19.  Our firm has a long history of using creative successful legal strategies defending ‘David vs Goliath’ (the little guy against the big giants), including accepting contingency fees in qualifying cases in addition to an upfront fee and nominal costs.

With Plummeting Sales, Franchises face brutal future

(Restaurant Business)
The Team of Attorneys at our law firm is assembling creative legal theories to try and help businesses stop the bleeding and deal with this crisis via a variety of opportunities, including recovery under Business Interruption Insurance, even if exclusions exist, as well as other infrequently relied upon legal strategies.