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Facing a labor dispute? Take steps to resolve it

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | News |

You’re a commercial real estate developer, and you take your job seriously. You always make sure you get the right approvals and have the finances to back your developments. That’s why the fact that your employee has argued that you’re not paying them enough is shocking to you. You don’t want to have a labor dispute like this tarnish your reputation.

The good thing to know about labor disputes is that they’re usually easily explained if you have the right documentation. For example, if you have a history of your worker’s past schedules and the times that they clocked in and out, you can go back and review the times and make sure that the payments you made add up. If they don’t, you can pay the difference to resolve the dispute. If they do add up, then it may be easier to explain to the worker and have them end their dispute amicably.

What should you do if a worker claims they haven’t been paid accurately?

When you have a labor or wage dispute come to your attention, you need to address it right away. You should listen to your employee and their claim. Understand where they’re coming from and let them know that you’ll look into it.

If you say that you’ll review the situation and the information they’ve provided to you, do so. You can take it to your attorney as well so that you can be sure that you did not violate a law or requirement of your industry. If there does end up being a discrepancy, your attorney will work with you to negotiate with the other party and make sure the dispute is resolved without further need for legal intervention.