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10 advantages of franchisee associations

| May 22, 2020 | Franchise Law |

If you are a Miami-area franchisee, you probably bought into your franchise because you liked their products, you appreciated the name-brand recognition and existing customer base and you looked forward to the support you’d get from the franchiser. But sometimes the franchiser doesn’t support you and your business as well as it should. That’s where franchisee associations come in.

By banding together with other franchisees that have been facing similar issues, members of an association provide each other with the invaluable power of teamwork, independent of the franchiser. You and your peers are stronger together. You can help each other with issues such as bargaining with the franchiser and other matters of business operation.

Understanding the perks

The following are just some of the possible advantages that an association may give its franchisees:

  • Strength in numbers to face struggles against the franchiser
  • Encouraging openness and trust among member franchisees
  • Providing feedback and advice for new programs and products
  • Reporting potential problems to the franchiser and discussing solutions
  • A greater perception of fairness in dealing with the franchiser
  • Improved communication among members
  • Sharing business and legal best practices and education
  • Help to overcome common business challenges
  • Building feelings of pride and loyalty in the franchise
  • Attracting new franchisees to join the franchise and association

Clearly, it can be more comfortable for you to address problems as a team in an association rather than facing the insurmountable odds all on your own. Sometimes, franchisers can be hard-nosed and do what’s best for the bottom line of the overall corporation instead of thinking of the particular needs of your individual business. But an association can force them to listen to your concerns. Furthermore, when there are disagreements, the association can ease your fears of retaliation from the franchiser.

Legal assistance for franchisee associations

These kinds of circumstances can be extremely complicated. If you need legal guidance regarding franchisee associations in the Miami area or beyond, it’s important you get help from an attorney who is sympathetic to your situation and has years of experience forming and advising these associations.

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