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Dealing with a breach of fiduciary duties in a partnership

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2024 | Blog, Franchise Law |

A breach of fiduciary duties in a partnership can lead to serious legal consequences and damage to the trust that partners place in one another.

It is important to understand what these duties involve and how a breach can occur.

Understanding fiduciary duties

In a business partnership, each partner has fiduciary duties to the others. These duties include the duty of care and the duty of loyalty. The duty of care means partners must make decisions with the care an ordinarily prudent person would take in a similar position. The duty of loyalty requires partners to put the interests of the partnership above their own personal interests.

Common examples of breaches

A breach of fiduciary duties can appear in several ways. For example, if a partner takes an opportunity that could benefit the partnership and uses it for personal gain, this is a breach of the duty of loyalty. Similarly, if a partner neglects their responsibilities, causing the partnership to suffer losses, this breaches the duty of care.

Impact of a breach

The impact of breaching fiduciary duties can be significant. It can lead to financial losses for the partnership and damage relationships among partners. Legal disputes may arise as partners seek to address the breach, potentially leading to lawsuits that can drain the partnership’s resources and damage its reputation.

Legal remedies

When a breach of fiduciary duties occurs, several legal remedies are available. Partners may seek damages to compensate for the losses caused by the breach. In severe cases, the court might order the dissolution of the partnership or the removal of the partner who committed the breach.

Preventing breaches

Preventing breaches of fiduciary duties starts with clear communication and thorough documentation of all partnership activities. Partners should regularly review their roles and responsibilities and ensure they understand their fiduciary duties. Establishing internal controls and regular audits can also help detect and prevent breaches before they cause significant harm.

Understanding and respecting fiduciary duties is key for maintaining a healthy partnership. Partners who are aware of and commit to their duties can avoid legal issues and foster a trusting and successful business relationship. To learn more about fiduciary duties in a partnership, contact Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. for a free consultation.