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Consider the risk of a franchise before you sign

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 | Franchise Law |

When some people want to start a business, they look at a franchise opportunity as a sure win because the parent company might be well-known. There are still some significant risks that come with franchises in general. Franchisees need to think carefully about these before they make the decision to sign the contract and hand over the money.

One risk is that the market in your area might not be able to support the franchise. Most people know to look at what other similar businesses are in the local area, but you might not consider whether the citizen and visitors will be willing to support your chosen franchise. For example, opening a high-end electronics store in a largely rural area might not net you the business you need to stay afloat.

Another risk to consider is how the seasons will impact your company. You may not have to worry about that much in Florida unless the franchise you want to open has to do primarily with cold weather gear. If you’re venturing outside of Florida with the business, be sure to check the climate to ensure that the company is a good fit.

You also need to ensure that the base product or service for the franchise is one that can stand the test of time. Don’t get roped into putting in a large investment for a franchise that’s based on a short-term fad. Once the fad dies down, you might not be able to drum up the business to support it.

Opening a franchise always involves some risk. Calculating these and weighing them against the benefits of it can help you determine whether this is the option for you.