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Ideas for protecting your intellectual property online

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Blog |

In today’s internet-heavy world, it’s hard to succeed in business without fully embracing the World Wide Web. Whether your Florida-based business uses little intellectual property or a lot, protecting your intellectual property is absolutely necessary for your business’s longevity and overall well-being.

Find a medium between annoying and invisible watermarks

Think back to primary and secondary school. Several weeks after photographers came in to take annual yearbook pictures, they sent you home with proofs. If you remember correctly, photographers branded those proofs with obnoxious watermarks to encourage your parents to buy prints.

Branding your content with obnoxious watermarks like these is a guaranteed way to turn visitors off, thereby encouraging them to visit other websites.

On the other hand, choosing not to use a watermark makes your content easy to steal. It’s true that cybersleuths can use basic photo editing tricks to obscure watermarks. As such, try finding novel ways to integrate watermarks into your content. If all else fails, consider leaning toward the more obvious side of the watermark scale.

Make your content part of your brand

In most cases, people who create digital content don’t always come up with entirely original ideas. As with product manufacturing, you must establish differentiating characteristics that set your content apart from other content to get a competitive advantage.

Try integrating your content with your brand. Make the two inseparable as possible. For example, including your face in your content is one way to integrate digital content with your brand. This makes it hard for others to steal your content and get the same success that you’re experiencing, in turn making your intellectual property more valuable.

No matter how hard you try, others will end up stealing your digital content. If all else fails, consulting an intellectual property lawyer can help you take action.