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Could a commercial landlord stop you from rebranding a business?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Franchise Law |

What is popular and successful in business constantly changes. Aesthetics and morals shift from generation to generation. Your company will need to adapt to changing times in order to remain competitive.

Rebranding your business can help make it seem more modern and attract a broader customer base. Unfortunately, if you rent the space where you operate your business, it’s possible that your landlord could limit your rebranding efforts.

Your lease will outline your right to remodel and update the space

Commercial leases come in many forms, with different rights and responsibilities for the landlord and the tenant. Sometimes, the tenant is the one responsible for maintenance and facility repairs. Other times, the landlord performs the maintenance and passes it along in fees.

Even if you have maintenance responsibilities, there could be limits to what changes you can make when you remodel the space or rebrand your business. Knowing what rules apply to changes to the structure or its appearance can help you update your space without violating your lease.

If your landlord is the one who typically handles repairs or maintenance, your lease may not delegate the right to make cosmetic changes to the space. Additionally, landlords sometimes include restrictive covenants in their leases that could limit the changes to how you operate, not just to the facility itself. They might limit the number of staff members you have or what signage you can put up outside.

Reviewing your contract and then discussing your rebranding hopes with your landlord can help you update your business when you have a long-term commercial lease.